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Rhonda is a Brisbane based sculptor working exclusively with the human form in bronze or glass. She has discovered an original language in her personal response to the male and also female nude form.

Rhonda responds to the human body, a subject much explored in the history of art, and manages to come up with something totally new and original. She develops its abstract qualities - reducing it to elegant curves and angles making the bodies appear simultaneously both weightless and grounded.

Her figures have the heroic qualities of ancient Greek gods yet are also literally iconic "bronzed Aussies" with such names as Tom, Dick or Harry. The girls are Narelle or Janelle. Her sculptures exhibit a sense of humour and while the titles say "Don't take me seriously" there is an underlying strength of intention.

Robyn Bauer, Robyn Bauer Studio Galleries


Rhonda's works are regularly on display at:

Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery,  Paddington
The Gallery,  Eumundi.

Contact meMob: 0417 672 013  |  email
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